August 25, 2015 Dominic Trumfio

Unpacking Stonehouse: Some sights and (no) sounds

I’ve been back from my silent retreat at Stonehouse Farm for almost a week now and I figured I’d start unpacking. My experience, that is.

The following are scenes from the farm that I snapped upon arrival, before my cell phone was surrendered. Being without my phone for 48 hours was so wonderfully liberating and mindfully enabling. Our meditation instructor (Paul Fowler from Blue Lotus) put mindfulness it in good perspective with this little anecdote. Mindfulness can be explained in this simple way:

Two people are sitting on the beach taking in a glorious sunset. The unmindful person takes out their phone and snaps a picture and instantly shares on social media. The mindful person remains present in the moment, soaking in the beauty, undistracted and in peace.

Here is my undistracted (and unfiltered!) view of Stonehouse Farm with short captions explaining the scenes.


Home Is Here

Throughout the farm there are beautiful reminders of where home is. Home is wherever you are. Home is the place deep within you that you can return to each time you get lost in life. The answers will be there.


This is the main stone house on the property for which the farm gets its name. It is on the national registry of historic places. You can read the story of Stonehouse Farm here.

SiloOne of the barns and silos on the property.


Another barn and silo. A remnant from the past and a reminder of the generations of workers (both spiritual and physical) who have contributed to the story of Stonehouse Farm.

This is the pavilion where most of the programing took place. A beautiful setting to do yoga and to meditate.

Oak Tree

The grand Oak Tree in the middle of the property. The pavilion is in the background.


Life’s little choices.


Create Your OwnA reminder that you, and you only, are in charge of your life, thoughts and actions.

Much peace to you.

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