August 14, 2015 Dominic Trumfio

Love and (gay) marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.

Photo by John Gress Photography. Our wedding rings.

This week I’m on “vacation.” Well, still playing performances of The Little Mermaid at The Chicago Shakespeare Theater while spending time with family up at my parents home in Wisconsin. Here is a scene from earlier this week:


We left this idyllic setting on Wednesday and spent it in Chicago. The fam came to the show and then we tooled around the city all afternoon. Brandon’s mom piped up and said she wanted to see Buckingham Fountain. A few of the riders said they didn’t know what it looked like and Brandon explained that it was the fountain that was in the opening credits from the 80’s/90’s sitcom “Married With Children.” The under twenty crowd in the car were baffled (ahhhh, youth). So for their benefit, and a trip down Memory Lane for others, here is the opening title sequence for that show (featuring Buckingham Fountain!):

Memory Lane for me includes a few different residences when I watch this. The first residence I come to contains the memories of watching this as a teenager questioning my sexuality. The idea of marriage and love seemed so ambiguous to me. The horse didn’t quite fit my carriage! While most boys my age lusted after Christina Applegate, the object of my affection was David Faustino! Yes, he was one of my first celebrity gay crushes. A crush that was kept in a far back closet of this Memory Lane residence.

The next residence on Memory Lane included the idea of marriage. During this time period the idea of gay marriage was so closeted. Closeted in our society and closeted in my own mind. It’s incredible to think that today I am celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary with Brandon!

Here’s another trip down Memory Lane for you from August 14, 2011. A much different trip than the previous one:

I hope you enjoyed this trip (if you just watched)! I need to get back to mine.

Thankful today for the leadership in this country who have recognized that love has no bounds. Bindings that still seem to have a grip on some people in this country. For me, I’m glad that America has truly remembered who they are by recognizing that each individual has the freedom and right to marry the person they love.


Thank you, America, for remembering who I am. A gay man, living in this great country, celebrating love and marriage with my husband. This horse and carriage ride down Memory Lane has just gotten that much more beautiful.

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  1. Ellen

    Made me cry tears of joy the first time I saw this. Today, on your fourth wedding anniversary, made me cry all over again! Happy, Happy anniversary. May the joy and the love you have for one another simply continue to grow and bloom! Your love for each other is palpable!!

  2. Brian Markham

    Dominic, Congrats on fours years of wedded bliss. I just read this as my first foray into your blog. It’s a great read. Keep it up. I’ve been blogging, though not a lot lately, for several years. It’s a nice outlet and an efficient way to get your story, or thoughts, or “soap-boxing” out there for your people to read… if they want.

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