August 11, 2015 Dominic Trumfio

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Being married to a web designer/programmer definitely has its blessings…and its curses. A couple months ago I had the somewhat crazy thought of starting a blog. Naturally, I asked Brandon if he could help set one up for me (blessing). I know that there are plenty of ways to set up blogs for the non tech professional, however, I wanted it done right. So I thought I’d cash in on the makeup artist-turned-web-designer-husband reality that a married into almost four years ago this week (blessing)!


Like any “Honey Do List” I thought this might become a reality sometime in 2017 (blessing/curse). Plenty of time to craft those perfect blog posts (blessing). Much to my surprise and delight, Brandon presented me with this beautifully crafted blog site the other night when I returned home from work (blessing?). All I thought was, “Yikes, I need to start filling this thing with content!” (curse)

My blog will take many trajectories. Brandon beautifully captured this in the rotating “A [blank] Musings” heading on the blog homepage. Topics will include, but are not limited to: being a musician, being a flutist, being a yogi, being a vegetarian, and being a husband. I do know, for sure, that I want what I post to make people’s lives a little better. In a Facebook post a few months ago I stated that I wanted to use social media (and now the blogosphere) as a tool to bring together humanity, rather than divide. I realize that it is a powerful tool and vowed to use it to spread goodness, love and positive awareness. It is my hope that in the posts that follow this will be the case.

I can’t predict or guarantee the frequency of posts, but I hope that they will be often. As my life is influenced and impacted in positive ways I hope to share that with you ASAP. Until then, I leave you with what graphic and web designers use when they need content space filler in their publications (and what filled most of this site when Brandon presented it to me). Space waiting to come alive with the images and words that will hopefully have a positive impact on your lives (blessing).

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