The Gift of Music

As we begin the month of December and today being World AIDS Day and #GivingTuesday, I thought I’d highlight a recent project that I was particularly proud to be involved with.

Many of you know that during the month of December the Chicago theater community collects donations for Season of Concern, a non-profit organization that provides care for those in the theater community afflicted with AIDS-relatedand other catastrophic illnesses. I’m sure some of you are familiar with this and have donated money after a theater performance, usually collected by a costumed cast member in the theater lobby. Read more

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Being married to a web designer/programmer definitely has its blessings…and its curses. A couple months ago I had the somewhat crazy thought of starting a blog. Naturally, I asked Brandon if he could help set one up for me (blessing). I know that there are plenty of ways to set up blogs for the non tech professional, however, I wanted it done right. So I thought I’d cash in on the makeup artist-turned-web-designer-husband reality that a married into almost four years ago this week (blessing)! Read more