The Gift of Music

As we begin the month of December and today being World AIDS Day and #GivingTuesday, I thought I’d highlight a recent project that I was particularly proud to be involved with.

Many of you know that during the month of December the Chicago theater community collects donations for Season of Concern, a non-profit organization that provides care for those in the theater community afflicted with AIDS-relatedand other catastrophic illnesses. I’m sure some of you are familiar with this and have donated money after a theater performance, usually collected by a costumed cast member in the theater lobby. Read more

What’s that under your toilet!?

For those of you who have been to our house, you have probably stumbled upon the Squatty Potty under our toilet. Brandon, being both an early adopter and a Shark Tank junkie, bought us this for us over a year ago. I’m sure this genius commercial and endearing unicorn will sell this thing like hotcakes! It already has more than one million hits. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

Into the quiet…

As many of you already know, I am currently in yoga teacher training at Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago. It’s a one year program and I began last October, so I am in the process of finishing up the “checklist” of requirements in order to be certified. On this checklist is a silent retreat with my yoga teacher, Daren Friesen along with Paul Fowler. I will be embarking on the retreat this weekend. Plunging, head first, into the quiet.

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Love and (gay) marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.

Photo by John Gress Photography. Our wedding rings.

This week I’m on “vacation.” Well, still playing performances of The Little Mermaid at The Chicago Shakespeare Theater while spending time with family up at my parents home in Wisconsin. Here is a scene from earlier this week: Read more

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Being married to a web designer/programmer definitely has its blessings…and its curses. A couple months ago I had the somewhat crazy thought of starting a blog. Naturally, I asked Brandon if he could help set one up for me (blessing). I know that there are plenty of ways to set up blogs for the non tech professional, however, I wanted it done right. So I thought I’d cash in on the makeup artist-turned-web-designer-husband reality that a married into almost four years ago this week (blessing)! Read more